Child Abuse/Univ. Precautions
Child Abuse Resource Team.doc

Windsor School District Re-4 Child Abuse and Universal Precautions Workshop

     All Windsor School District employees are required by law to view a Child Abuse and Universal Precautions workshop each year.

     Once you have completed viewing the entire presentation you will need to submit the "Workshop Attendance Verification Form".  The due date for "attending" a virtual workshop and submitting your "Attendance Verification Form" is September 15.
Please return to your attendance verification form to your front office staff by the deadline.

     To earn credit for "attending" this virtual workshop, you must do the following:
  1. View and study the Child Abuse presentation.
  2. View and study the Universal Precautions presentation.
  3. Open and read each of the workshop handouts. (You may wish to print and file these handouts for future reference.)
  4. Print and sign a hard copy of the "Workshop Attendance Verification Form." Then return to your front office staff.