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Influenza, Norovirus, Colds

December 2014

Please CLICK HERE to view a letter from the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment that contains helpful information regarding Influenza, Norovirus, and Colds

Vaccines for PreTeen and Teens from the U.S.Department of Public Health and Environment


Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

5210 Every Day

Immunization letter from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for Preschool, K-12

(Requirements 2015-2016 School Year)
  • From the National Federation of State High School Association, Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, and Minnesota Department of Health provided by Dr. Jonathan Karey   Sports Related Skin Infections.pdf

Reliable Sources of Immunization Information - Where you can go to find answers!

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information

School nursing is a specialized practice that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement of students. Definition adopted at the National Association of School Nurses Board of Directors meeting, June 1999.

Windsor School District, Weld RE-4, has two School Registered Nurses who serve our preschool - high school students. Responsibilities include providing direct care to students, promoting a healthy school environment, reviewing parent provided student health information, developmenting and implementing health care plans for students, supervising health aides, delegating medication administration and procedures to unlicensed staff, conducting vision/hearing screenings and referring as appropriate, teaching in the classrooms, collaborating with the special education team, serving on a variety of committees/teams, and consulting with outside agencies as needed.

Health Aide Responsibilities:

Each health room is staffed by a qualified health aide who has annual CPR/First Aide training and specific medication training for school employees. The health aides are also knowledgeable regarding immunization requirements, common health conditions, communicable diseases and growth/development. They are available to answer your questions and are able to get in touch with the School Nurses at all times.

Building Health Aide Contact Information:

Bellendir, Patty  
Business: 970-686-8312
Address: 810 3rd Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8301

Health Aide at Mountain View Elementary
Coppersmith, Diane  
Business: 970-686-8112
Address: 1100 Main Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8101

Health Aide at Windsor High School
Davis, Renee  
Business: 970-674-5212
Address: 1801 Avery Plaza Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-674-5201

Health Aide for Severance Middle School
Gorsuch, Kara  
Business: 970-674-6012
Address: 700 Ponderosa Drive
Severance, CO 80550
Fax: 970-674-6001

Health Aide at Range View Elementary
Hartley, Jenny  
Business: 970-686-8612
Address: 1583 Grand Avenue
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8601

Health Aide at Grandview Elementary

Heiden, Joni  
Lichtenberg, Christine
Joni Business:

Address: School Nurses Office at Severance Middle School 970-674-5224
Joni is the School RN serving Windsor High School, Windsor Middle School, Mountain View Elementary, Range View Elementary K-5th grade students, and Tozer Primary K-2nd grade students.
Christine is the School RN serving Grandview Elementary, Skyview Elementary, Severance Middle School, Windsor Charter Academy special education students, and all district preschool students and Special Education students at WCA.

Jimmerson, Erinn  
Business: 970-351-2014

Erinn is our district audiologist

West, Sharlene  
Business: 970-686-8512
Address: 1000 Stone Mountain Drive
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8501

Health Aide at Skyview Elementary
Frisch, Susan  
Business: 970-686-8212
Address: 900 Main Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8201

Health Aide at Windsor Middle School
Zigray, Suzy  
Business: 970-686-8412
Address: 501 Oak Street
Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 970-686-8401

Health Aide at Tozer Primary