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swapThe School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is designed to provide employment-related assistance to youth and young adults who may need support to find and maintain employment. SWAP provides assistance that not only produces a desirable employment outcome (such as a career-path job), but also teaches appropriate job seeking and job retention skills that can be utilized throughout a lifetime.

SWAP is a collaborative initiative between the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and local school districts, and is supported by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).


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My name is Jeremy Herman, and I work in Software Development for a company called Evolver. I make over $18 an hour, work between 45-50 hours a week, and I have the job I have always wanted! I am grateful for the help I got from Windsor SWAP. At first I was hesitant about working with SWAP because a previous attempt with an employment program didn’t work out so well. I decided to try Windsor SWAP anyway, and I’m glad I did!

 I knew I wanted to work with computers, and I knew I needed to get a certification to do this. SWAP helped me figure out which certification I wanted and helped me register for my short certification course. I passed the test and began my job search. SWAP helped me create a great resume, learn how to network and be super sharp in an interview.

I have been with Evolver since June of this year, and I know it is the beginning of a great career.

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While in the process of opening my restaurant Pelican Jo’s Pizzeria I was unsure how to find quality employees to help me make the business a success. I contacted Windsor Works Alliance/SWAP to find out what might be helpful in the hiring process and met with the Coordinator of the program. She explained SWAP to me and made a point to find out what my needs were in the employees I hoped to hire. She found several excellent candidates for the positions I had available and many of them were hired.

When I had questions regarding a potential employee she let me know that SWAP could provide a Job Coach for this employee to help with the training process and to provide continued support after the training period was over. There are also many financial incentives available when working with SWAP. Desiree and Brynn helped me apply to take advantage of this, which will positively impact my bottom line. Working with SWAP has been extremely beneficial to me and to my business and I would gladly recommend SWAP to other businesses and will be using them again in the future!