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Welcome to the Employee Services Department. We strive to provide quality service to our staff, employees and community.

Our department is responsible for payroll processing (including employee leave tracking), employee benefits, workers compensation, staffing requests, applicant processing, compensation (including salary schedule movement), employee contracts and other human resource tracking information.

Who do I call with questions?
Payroll and Benefits Colleen Blanks 686-8019
Workers Compensation Colleen Blanks or Nikki Schmidt 686-8019 or 686-8034
Leave Tracking Deb Harper 686-8009
Compensation (including salary advancement) Nicole Schmidt 686-8037
Licensing Information Nicole Schmidt 686-8037
Employee Contracts Nicole Schmidt 686-8037
Applicant Processing Status Nicole Schmidt 686-8037
Nikki Schmidt    

Pay dates are the first business day of each month.

Jun 1, 2015
July 1, 2015
Aug 3, 2015
Sept 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015
Nov 2, 2015
Dec 1, 2015
Jan 4, 2016
Feb 1, 2016
Mar 1, 2016
April 1, 2016
May 2, 2016
June 1, 2016

 Blanks, Colleen
 Phone:    686-8019
 Email:     colleen.blanks@weldre4.k12.co.us
Your contact for payroll questions; voluntary payroll deductions or district insurance benefits to either add coverage or make changes.
 Hoffman, Sherry
 Phone:    686-8011
 Email:     sherry.hoffman@weldre4.k12.co.us
 Lorek, Holly
 Phone:    686-8010
 Email:     holly.lorek@weldre4.k12.co.us
 Schmidt, Nikki
 Phone:    686-8034
 Email:     nikki.schmidt@weldre4.k12.co.us
Gold bulletW-4 Form.pdf
Gold bullet Change of Address  **Staff members use the Employee Portal to change address
Gold bullet Applying for a Social Security Card

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