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Safety and Security


Dear Re-4 School Community,


Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the victims, families, and school staff members affected by the senseless tragedy in Newton, Connecticut. 


The district continues to have strict safety plans in place in each of our schools and on our buses.  This is not in response to threats here, but as an ongoing measure to reassure everyone that Weld Re-4 is a safe place for students, staff and our community.    We are working closely with law enforcement agencies, and police will have increased patrols at our schools.  Principals have reviewed safety protocols and are increasing visibility in buildings through closer supervision from staff members or volunteers such as our Watch DOGS. Each building also has safety precautions in place as needed for the particular facility.


We join with all educators, families and citizens who mourn the loss of these children and adults in Newton.  If you have a child who is struggling with Friday’s tragedy, please support them by contacting the counselor or psychologist at your school so that help can be provided. Thank you.

In an effort to help the community deal with the tragedies related to the Connecticut school shootings last week, we recommend the following resources to help guide your conversations with students, and with one another. 

The Readiness and Emergency Managment for Schools Technical Assistance Center has many great resources regarding conversing with children about school shootings and other tragic events.  Please visit 

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center has provided the following document related to the role for caring adults after a school or community tragedy.
The Role for Caring Adults after a School or Community Tragedy

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center has provided the following document related to how to talk to children about school safety: for school personnel
Talking to Children about School Safety 4 21 10.pdf

The National Association of School Psychologists has provided the following document about how to talk to children about violence.  This information is for parents and educators.  
Talking to Children About Violence

Dr.'s Brook Griese and Micki Burns have provided the following document with additional resources linked within with tips to help support children and families during times of tragedy.
Supporting Children and Families During Times of Tragedy