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Preschool/Child Find Info

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Preschool/Child Find Info

Preschool/Child Find Info

  1020 Main Street, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8000
  Contact: Heidi Blair

GV Website Link

Grandview Elementary

  1583 Grand Avenue, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8600  Attendance: 970-686-8605
  Principal: Dave Grubbs

MV Website Link

Mountain View Elementary

  810 Third Street, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8300  Attendance: 970-686-8305
  Principal: Michelle Bigler

RV Website Link

Range View Elementary

  700 Ponderosa Drive, Severance CO 80550
  Phone: 970-674-6000  Attendance: 970-674-6005
  Principal: Shelly Prenger

SV Website Link

Skyview School of Stem

  1000 Stone Mountain Drive, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8500  Attendance: 970-686-8505
  Principal: Tammy Seib

TZ Website Link

Tozer Primary School

  501 Oak Street, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8400  Attendance: 970-686-8405
  Principal: Shelly Butcher

SMS Website Link

Severance Middle School

  1801 Avery Plaza Street, Severance CO 80550
  Phone: 970-674-5200  Attendance: 970-674-5205
  Principal: Jay Tapia

WMS Website Link

Windsor Middle School

  900 Main Street, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8200  Attendance: 970-686-8205
  Principal: Eric Johnson

WHS Website Link

Windsor High School

  1100 Main Street, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-686-8100  Attendance: 970-686-8105
  Principal: Michelle Scallon

WCA Website Link

Windsor Charter Academy

  680 Academy Court, Windsor CO 80550
  Phone: 970-674-5020

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